Hey there, 

I'm currently focusing on getting a job. 

The work needed to make my projects take off (explainer videos & coaching) will require some financial up front investment such as advertising, SEO and quite some time writing guest posts and creating videos for influencers.

I can't afford that right now. 

I need to get a job to pay my debts quickly. It's time. 


I'll be continuing to update monthly the Top 10 List of Inspiring Articles for Digital Nomads.

I'll be continuing to write an article here and there about something important I've learned.

I'll still be able to create an explainer video for you if you need one, but most of my energy will be directed towards getting a job, and then rocking it.

A job where I can contribute to the growth of an ambitious company, with a cool team. 


If it's sounds like you, I'd love to hear from you. 


Last update: January 5th, 2017