Your reality changes as fast as you can change your point of view.
— Jonathan Magnin

Hey there, 

Looking around for advice is a great step. 

Have you heard the saying from Rumi: "What you seek is seeking you"? 

Don't stop, soon you'll be having clarity to create a job that makes sense to you.


Here are the 3 most common challenges digital nomads face: 

  • Doubts about yourself, thinking you're not good enough to accomplish what you'd like to do
  • Not having a clear plan of action, not sure where to start
  • Not having enough accountability, a lack of goals or not being able to stick to one

I've been there for a while...

I lived in 7 countries for the past 10 years, and I've been living "location independent" while working on my own terms for the past 5 years, creating and monetising several websites.

But the most valuable thing wasn't the geographic freedom this lifestyle brought me, but discovering along the way my purpose and what deeply motivates me. 

I learned about spirituality, marketing, future trends and everything in between.


What I currently offer:

  • 1 private call every week during 45 minutes (presentation of a theme, listening and direction, challenge for the next session) 
  • 195€ per month (3 months minimum - if for some reason you'd like to cancel before that, you can)
  • I'll bring you the confidence, a clear plan of action and accountability to accelerate your journey
  • I can help you find the work only you can do, create a powerful and tailor made morning routine, make space in your schedule to release you from stress and much more. I do this naturally, and I love it :)



I'm looking for people ready to take action

with who I'll get serious results, in a matter of weeks. 


With perspective, I understand fully your current situation.

With creativity, we get a clear future vision for yourself. 

Then, planning the right moves is easy. 





Consultant in social entrepreneurship and innovative companies in São Paulo, Brazil. 

"Jonathan's consultancy was more than a professional and brand development process, but a process of self-awareness and alignment with my purpose. 
With his support, we worked to identify the best ways to express my values and differentiation into the construction of my website and the set up of the best marketing practices. 
I also attended his workshop and it certainly was a big step for the development of my brand."


Chef. She creates gastronomic content (courses, workshops, online videos) and regularly participates on Brazilian TV shows.  

"Jonathan helped me a lot to change the structure of my website to bring more clarity on the product and services I'm offering.
This has been very illuminating on how I should organize my work to improve my online sales, and how to find a new audience. 
I loved his way of working with trust and honesty. 
I feel confident to follow the next steps."


Marketing Graduate and entrepreneur in Florida, USA. 

Mitchell Sisto
"I met Jonathan while traveling in Medellin, Colombia.
Lucky I did, because his coaching and advice has proved more valuable than gold.
Prior to meeting him, I had a vague idea of the digital business I wanted to start, but had absolutely no clue where to begin. Within a short time sitting with him, along with plenty of suggestions, corrections, tips and guidance, I started to see a solid business plan come to fruition.
Now, back home, I have a legitimate game plan and strategy to move forward with. 
Jonathan is the real deal, he has been successfully living the life of a digital nomad for quite some time now, and is extremely passionate and knowledgeable about the industry/lifestyle as a whole.
Highly recommended! Thanks again, I look forward to working with you again some time soon."


Journalist and communication teacher at the University of Bogota. 

"I got to know Jonathan during a trip in Pereira, Colombia and he turned out to be an excellent coach for me. 
He helped me to project myself as a digital professional, something I had neglected. 
I'm a journalist at the university with a large experience in communication and I really wanted to create a digital project that would help me travel. 
Jonathan revised all my skills and knowledge, and showed me that teaching Spanish to foreigners would be an excellent idea and it was. I had students from different parts of the world and the cultural exchange has been totally rewarding. 
I recommend fully his work so that people can identify their skills and follow efficient strategies to realize their goals." 


Founder of Empatia Coffee and former banking analyst - Chicago, USA

"Jonathan has been a great person for me throughout the process of building my business to bounce ideas off of and get valuable advice. He generally has thoughtful opinions and always wants to help others succeed."

A few presentations I've done...



Sao Paulo Workshop


I used the Webinar Ninja software to advertise my online coaching to the audience of my French personal development website.



Presentation in Medellin, Colombia

If we work together, I will force you to think differently,

and I will find creative ways to reach your full potential. 


Simply drop me a line about what you do, and we’ll arrange a time to chat.