El Dorado Proposal


Hi Robin, here are the things I could do for El Dorado, which will set your brand in a unique position, with a strong plan to act on the next 3 months. 

You will also be able to build on those strategies for the years to come. 


To make these happen, I will simply need to speak with the relevant persons of your organization from time to time to make sure that my recommendations and creations make sense. 

All these could be implemented in about a month. 


main Problems

  • When we arrive on your page, there is nothing that tells us what you do, only a description of your services, and about 25 links to choose from... Not a good idea to overwhelm people with choices before telling them why they should stay on page. 
  • Nothing to capture the emails of your visitors. 
  • No differentiation of your brand. 
  • At the moment your pricing is very confusing (pesos and dollars mixed). 
  • Your testimonials are very important, but are not on the main page and are moving so fast, it's like you don't want me to read them. 
  • Your courses pictures are not well presented. 


Branding - $200

Finding your Unique Selling Point, your unique value proposition, what is really special about you. 

We will find something that makes it clear and obvious to your market audience that you are the best solution for them. 

The point here is to dominate a niche, a small part of your market - it's always better to start getting a big share of a small market than a small share of a big market. The future development of your business will be way easier if you already dominate a small market. 

Once you have that strong identity, marketing yourself will be easy and feel natural. 


Explainer video - $695 between 30-90 seconds

 Click the image to access video website

Click the image to access video website

That's an option we can talk about, which has many benefits:

  • keep your visitors on page when they arrive,
  • give them clarity about what you offer,
  • improve SEO, 
  • direct them to the CTA of your choice right from the video.

Site redesign - $200

This is the Conversion Rate Optimization part. 

With your new strong identity, I will work with your designer to adapt your site to answer the most important question that your visitors have: "Why should I click on that button?". 

This button is the action you want your visitors to take - CTA. 

Your whole site should be designed to invite people to know more about you and ultimately to register to your courses, services etc. 

Coming up with a pricing that makes sense will be part of this design section. 

I'll also come up with a special offer (that makes sense to your visitors) to improve your conversion rate. 


Email marketing - $200

Gathering the emails of your visitors is something extremely valuable that you don't seem to be doing right now. 

I can help you create a solid lead magnet on your site, and set up a strong email marketing campaign that builds trust with your audience and puts you as the expert in the industry. 

We're looking at the set up of this email software and at about 5 emails sent at intervals to put yourself as an authority and to direct your subscribers to buy your service. 


Content strategy - $200

Once we have found what is special about your brand, I will help you translate your identity into a strong content strategy relevant and useful to your target audience. 

I'lll find the best combination between the type of content (images, quotes, videos, articles), the posting frequency and targeting the most specific social platforms. 

I will give direction on the content strategy to use, come up with 10 SEO-friendly article titles and help with the design of visuals. 


System Creation (SOPs) - $200 

Using several process-driven softwares, I will create systems to define the most repetitive and important tasks that your team currently does, and find the right people or platforms to delegate them. 

The goal is to make sure your team members are acting inside of their core competencies so that your company as a whole gets more productive.  


You can pick any of these services above, but keep in mind that the branding part has to be the first step as it's the basis. 

So even if you would like only 1 of these services, branding needs to be part of it… so the minimum package is branding, or branding + something. 

If you wish to buy all the services - which I recommend to have the biggest impact: 

  • Everything for $1495 instead of $1695 
  • Everything less the explainer video for $845 instead of $1000 



  • I will ask you to sign a contract. 
  • I will ask you for half payment before starting, and half payment when the job is completed. 
  • All prices in USD. 
  • These prices are "Colombian prices"... I usually charge $50 per hour, and we're far from this here. 


Thank you for considering this, and feel free to get in touch with me via WhatsApp or Skype if you have any questions.